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Asian couple mental health

Fighting Violence and Racism: Dana Group Is Here To Help

If you’re struggling to cope with the recent events of violence and racism in our country, you’re not alone. Dana Group is mourning alongside the rest of the nation in light of several mass shootings that have taken place, including the recent Atlanta-area shooting that claimed the lives of eight victims, including six Asian American…

Counseling can help with stress management.

What Are the Common Signs of Stress? Fight or Flight Explained

Everyone experiences stress in their life — it plays an important psychological and biological reaction to a new, taxing, or dangerous situation. While most people wouldn’t complain if they never felt it again, there are some positive aspects. For example, stress is what allows you to escape or defend yourself from threats. It can also…

Anxiety is very common and highly treatable

Am I Having a Panic Attack? How Anxiety Affects Your Body

Everyone experiences anxiety from time to time. Whether preparing for an important work presentation, driving on a busy freeway, or trying to keep young children out of trouble, anxiety is completely normal. It helps keep us alert in potentially dangerous situations. However, intense or prolonged anxiety can cause some people to avoid certain activities and…

Depression can affect anyone at any time

Why Am I Sad All the Time? Let’s Talk About Depression

Life has many ups and downs, and sometimes it’s easier to cope than others. If you’re been feeling down for a while, it may be time to speak to a professional about depression. Maybe you feel like you want to cry all the time. You feel like you’re teetering on the edge of a giant…