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Fighting Violence and Racism: Dana Group Is Here To Help

If you’re struggling to cope with the recent events of violence and racism in our country, you’re not alone. Dana Group is mourning alongside the rest of the nation in light of several mass shootings that have taken place, including the recent Atlanta-area shooting that claimed the lives of eight victims, including six Asian American women.

This violent, racist act against Asian Americans is unfortunately not an isolated event. There has been a significant rise in the number of documented hate incidents since 2020 toward Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders, with a report from Stop AAPI Hate listing 3,795 incidents in the last year. Of course, this is only a fraction of the number of violent events and incidents toward these communities.

In light of these events, Dana Group takes a strong stance against racism in our community and stands alongside the #StopAsianHate movement. We also stand with Black Lives Matter and the LGBTIAQ+ communities as we strive to take our part in creating a welcome, safe space for all members of our community to feel valued and access behavioral health services.

We encourage the rest of our community to join us as allies in addressing discrimination, violence, and racism as we reflect on the events that have taken place. Dana Group is also choosing to be proactive in fighting racism within our community and inside the walls of our building.

Racism and hate can take a significant toll on your mental health. We are here for you during this heavy time and are honored to support you.

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What Is Dana Group Doing in Response to #StopAsianHate?  

We’re in the fight against racism for the long haul, and the team at Dana Group has made recent changes to help promote diversity and support the #StopAsianHate cause. In a statement released by Miguel Saravia, the Chief Executive Officer for Dana Group, he outlines Dana Group’s response to these recent events:

“In our efforts to ensure racial diversity, I’ve appointed Dr. Sasheen Hazel as Director of Diversity and Inclusion at Dana Group Associates. Dr. Hazel, who will report to me, will lead, develop and grow Dana Group’s new diversity and inclusion mission. I am really pleased Dr. Hazel will become Dana Group’s first Director of Diversity and Inclusion. Her appointment is our commitment to improve diversity and inclusion at Dana Group.

I would also like to inform you that Dana Group has become a sponsor to the NAPABA The National Voice of the Asian Pacific American Legal Community, as part of their Pro-bono legal resources to ensure local communities have legal resources to address the most egregious hate-fueled attacks against Asian Community. I would also implement a mandatory Diversity and Inclusion training for all of our staff in the next couple weeks.”

We are proud to welcome Dr. Sasheen Hazel to our team as we seek to further support our diverse group of patients and staff. Visit the NAPABA website if you would like to learn more about NAPABA and how they strive to give Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders a voice through advocacy and fair representation.

What Help Is Available If Your Mental Health Is Struggling?

Whether or not you’ve experienced discrimination, racism, or acts of violence in your own life, Dana Group can help you find a safe place to express your struggles and experience better mental health.  From individual or group therapy to support groups and medication management, behavioral health services can help in the midst of trauma, depression, anxiety, or whatever else you may be experiencing during this difficult time.

With over 50 clinicians, we are uniquely suited to serve a wide range of clients with diverse backgrounds and experiences. Our behavioral health experts specialize in a many different areas and are qualified to offer a wide range of services, including psychology, psychiatry, and medication management, we can treat patients of all age groups and health backgrounds. Whether you’ve been seeking therapy for years or are new to professional behavioral health services, you’re sure to find a therapist you are comfortable working with.

We understand that making the first step toward starting your behavioral health journey at Dana can be daunting, but we make scheduling an appointment quick and easy. You simply need to fill out the appropriate intake forms and call or email our front desk. We have three locations in Massachusetts, including buildings in Needham, Norwell, or Hanover, so you can travel to the most convenient location. Or we offer telemedicine services to better accommodate our patients through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our Services

Depending on your needs, we offer several services to support you and your family as you seek to better your mental health. These include:

  • Medication Management: We have more than 12 psychiatric prescribers in-house, so we can provide quick help if you need medication to aid your mental health our support your therapy sessions. Our psychiatrists or psychiatric nurse practitioners continue to monitor your care to ensure you are receiving the most balanced, effective treatment plan. We offer the GeneSight Psychotropic test to better understand each patient’s genetic makeup and how your body might respond to the medications we prescribe.
  • Individual or Couples Therapy: If you’re dealing with depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress or other common mental health related issues that can accompany dealing with racism and hate, therapy can help you openly process these feelings and equip you with strategies for improving your mental health. In many cases, issues involving racism extend beyond your personal experience and affect your relationships with others. Couples therapy allows you to work through potential points of conflict with your spouse or significant other. 
  • Group Therapy: Knowing you’re not alone in your struggles and seeking solidarity with other people dealing with similar frustrations and trauma can be very therapeutic. Group therapy allows you to seek the company of others and learn from their experiences under the guidance of a behavioral health provider. 
  • Family and Children’s Therapy: Children are not immune to the trauma of racism, and it can be very difficult for them to process and understand their experiences. Children’s therapy services allow kids to talk about their challenges in a no-judgement zone. Family therapy can be useful when tension and conflict around racism are affecting your family or you simply want to better understand and approach discrimination and hate as a family.
  • Psychological Testing: Your brain has a strong effect on your mental health and how you perceive the world around you. If you want to better understand how your mind works, psychological testing services can assess your personality, memory, brain function, and more. These tests enable your psychologist to create a more customized treatment plan.

Dealing with racism and hate in your own life or processing the most recent acts of violence against Asian Americans can have a strong effect on your mental health, making it hard for you to find your own voice. At Dana Group, we are distraught by the blatant racism in our country and want no one to feel alone during this time. We are to help!

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